Sunday, November 22, 2009

Boyce Thompson Arboretum (By Lance)

On Saturday, we tried to go climbing near Superior, AZ. When it didn't work out we decided to visit the Boyce Thompson Arboretum. We expected to see desert beauty like this:
Instead, we saw blooming flowers.

Skye started to do the things she loves best right away.

A bee pollinating a flower in November.

Roses were blooming at this late date.
Even some of the cactus were still in bloom.

We were lured down the Eucalyptus forest trail because there aren't many sights like that around here.
Here is the pride of the arboretum, Mr. Big.

Finally, we made it to the beloved cactus garden.

This arboretum has one advantage over other gardens. The saguaro cactus that grow naturally against the cliffs are enormous. The picture doesn't do them justice.

Skye had fun climbing and running on the rocks at the base of the cliff.

What a cool place. We saw only 20% of it. It has a one mile loop trail that circum navigates cliffs rising out of a river bed that we didn't even set foot on. We definatley want to check it out. Too bad it is so far away.


Tacy said...
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Tacy said...

My favorite part was the forest of giant trees. It's not something you see often in Arizona or Utah. It had a magical feeling to it. We will have to go back again even if it is a long drive.

LindaDC said...

What great pictures, especially the two with the cactus blooming. What direction is it from Phoenix? Maybe we can go on the 1 mile loop with you in Feb.

Cookie said...

Wow! I'd say Mr. Big puts the giant redwoods to shame! Great photos! Beautiful place. Just another great attraction near Phoenix. Do you think there will be an end to the amazing places to see and things to do???

lance said...

mom, Superior AZ is east of Phoenix. Isn't that were you campground is too? If so then it would be around a half hour closer.