Monday, November 30, 2009

Even Sane People Get Good Deals

I wasn't crazy enough to go shopping on Black Friday. Instead, I went on Saturday and found that they still had all the same deals. So instead of standing in the Black Friday line at Kohl's that went almost around the entire store (I did go in, but upon seeing the line, told Lance I would rather pay the extra money than stand in a line like that), I stood in a very short line the day after that and got a Christmas dress for Skye that was normally $48 for $20, an iPod dock that was normally $60 for $16 (the best deal of all), and Lance got a pair of shoes that was normally $65 for $30. I would say we got the better deal because we still got the same deals as the crazy people who went out on Black Friday, but didn't have to wait in any of the outrageous lines!


Jess said...

Kohls has some of the best deals for Black Friday. I think Cole went there too. And they have cute clothes, so I am sure Skye's dress is adorable.

Lance said...

You've got to post the deals you found, Jessica. I'm still trying to figure out if it is worth it or not.