Wednesday, July 1, 2009

She's Definitely a Water Baby

Last summer, Skye had tons of fun playing and splashing around in this little kiddie pool at my parents. After getting used to going to the big pool or big splash parks nearly every morning for the last month prior to coming to Utah, I wasn't sure she'd have much fun in this little pool. But I was wrong. I guess water is water no matter where it is or how much there is of it, and Skye LOVES the water!
She had just as much fun, if not more fun, playing in the sprinkler which became our version of a splash park.

She also had fun splashing in the puddles that were left over from the sprinkler water. Pretending like she was a frog, she'd hop and "ribbit" over and over again!


Jess said...

Seeing those pictures make me want to splash right along with her! :) I'm glad she's had such a fun trip. I was glad to see you both yesterday.

Cookie said...

If you leave Phoenix, what will Skye do without the big pool and the splash parks!!!???