Monday, July 6, 2009

Our Fourth of July

For our Fourth of July celebration, we decided to escape the Phoenix heat by heading up to Flagstaff. The whole trip ended up being horrible minus about half an hour of fun Skye had the morning of the fourth at this kid's play area. I did get some cute pictures of her, anyway, though, like this one of her holding our bag of leftovers from Olive Garden. She insisted on carrying it even though it was nearly as big as she was!For some reason, this girl LOVES bridges!

They had a very cool art festival going on at one of the parks where there was also a kid's play area set up with all those inflatable things. Her favorite one was this caterpillar tunnel thing she could crawl all around in. She liked putting her face near the air blowing into it.

She also had fun jumping around in here for awhile--as long as Mommy or Daddy were with her.


lance said...

we had more than 30 minutes of fun. Remember the outrageous laughter from Skye while we were in the hotel? We didn't know what to do. that was fun I thought.

Tacy said...

Yep, I forgot about how loopy she got before we went to bed!

Cookie said...

My favorite, of course, is the wind in the hair! Stunning! Skye and her crazy hair! And I'm glad to know that there was more than 30 minutes of fun! Whew!