Thursday, July 23, 2009

An Addendum (see post below)

There was something I forgot I wanted to add. My cousin went to India last month with a service group. While there, she witnessed the most extreme poverty, worse than anything here in America. She visited the untouchables of India in leprousy colonies. These were people who had been kicked out of society for a disease they had no control over, a disease that had disfigured many of them, that had caused many to lose fingers, toes, even whole hands and feet, a disease that has no cure. They had all the misfortune and misery the world could give them, and yet they didn't complain about how the government wasn't taking care of them. My cousin only talked about what a happy and grateful people they were. In her own words, "I wll miss the happiness of people here in India and the sounds of India. People here are so different in ways than in the US. People in the US who are poor, or who don't have as much, I mean I am sure there are some that are still happy, but there are also some that aren't as happy because they see others and their wealth. But here, they don't have the materialistic things to see, or the wealth of their fellow neighbors, they just have their hearts. People here in India are so happy and grateful for what they do have."


Nate & Millie said...

I know after hearing Koli tell about her experiences and see how touched she was by the amazing people she met, it inspires me to have more gratitude and be grateful for all things...our health, freedom, the agency to decide our attitude, and the tender mercies the Lord gives us every day. It amazes me that these people's hearts are so full without pride, envy, jealousy, or government intervention.

Cookie said...

"Without government intervention." Key words there!

Lance said...

Some day we should find someone to look after Skye and go to a different country. Let's go see somewhere that isn't so well off.