Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Lance!

Lance's birthday was yesterday, but we celebrated on Saturday by going to the aquarium. Lance got a couple of pretty cool photos of some of the fish... and sea horses we saw.
After that, we decided to be crazy and brave the heat so Skye could go to the petting zoo. While I'll never be so stupid again, Skye did have fun feeding and petting the animals.
They sure were desperate for those little pellets of food.
Skye found a feather and started petting the animals with it.
This is what our car said when we got back out to it. Of course, it wasn't really that hot, it just said that because it had been baking in the sun all morning. Eventually, it got down to 114 I think. Lance tried to take a picture of Skye's bright red cheeks from being in the heat, but none of them really turned out. We probably all looked that way. After getting home and cooling off, Skye had fun playing with Daddy. What a great Daddy, to let Skye do such weird things to him--or maybe for doing the weird things himself! We let him open one present that night (he had to wait to open the rest yesterday) and then went to Sweet Tomatoes, our favorite restaurant, for dinner. What a fun day, despite the heat!


Jess said...

Happy Late Birthday, Lance! That sounds like a fun way to celebrate a birthday.
I won't complain about our 95 degree weather anymore. :)

Cookie said...

I do believe I already wished you a happy birthday, Lance, but hey, Happy Birthday again! Looks like you were all a little crazy to brave the heat, but looks like it was a fun day. It's always good for daddies to have crazy fun with the little ones. Way to go!

Jeramiah Y said...

Hope you had a fun birthday man, it looks like it. See ya at work Wednesday. (showing the peace sign) Peace out.