Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dogs, Birds, and Water

I had to take my car into Salt Lake this morning for a few hours so my mom and Skye came down to hang out with me while I waited. We had a great time. First we went to Liberty Park and showed Skye the baby ducks. It was kind of strange--the seagulls segregated themselves...
from these geese and ducks.
Then we took Skye to one of the playgrounds where she had a lot of fun swinging, going down the slide and playing on the big toy.

I tried to get her to walk through this tunnel. She looks happy, but she decided she didn't like it so she turned around, sat down, and waited for me to come get her on the other side.

She loved watching the water shooting out here and got her hands in it.
She wasn't too sure about sitting on this turtle, but after I took the picture, she finally smiled! Of course! What else could you expect from a one-year-old?
More water fun!

Skye loves dogs and this one loved her! Twice, she slurped Skye's face!
After we were done playing at the park, we went to Tracy Aviary. I took a few pictures of some of the birds. These golden eagles are beautiful!

We learned that all of the raptors they have at the aviary are birds whose wings were damaged so badly that they could no longer fly. It would have been impossible for them to continue living in the wild, so instead, they have a new home at the aviary.
There were three or four peacocks just strutting around.
Skye wanted to chase them when she saw them. They didn't mind people being around, but wouldn't ever let us get too close to them.

What a fun day we had!

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Anonymous said...

I like the picture of Skye on the turtle. We do such strange this with her it is no wonder that she is confused at first.