Monday, October 31, 2011

Skye's Halloween

Skye's gotten more use out of her costume (as Bat Girl) this year than any other year. Here she is posing with Daddy (as Batman). "This is my Bat Girl face," she said. 
 She got to wear her costume to the Treehouse Museum where she met fairy tale characters like Snow White...
and Dorothy...
 and got to do some of her other favorite things like playing with the knights and horses...
 and riding on the bull.
She wore her costume trick-or-treating at my mom's office with Sadie, a co-worker's daughter.

 She wore it again trick-or-treating at the zoo.

 She also got to wear it to preschool, a birthday party, Lance's work party, and a Sunshine generation party.
 Oh, and let's not forget trick-or-treating around the neighborhood tonight! She went with her friend, Jocelyn (dressed as Annie). The only good picture I got of them looking at me was blurry, unfortunately. But they weren't really cooperating for pictures anyway because they were ready to go get some candy. I must admit, it has been a rather exhausting Halloween season. But when you pay twenty to thirty bucks for a costume, it's good to know you've gotten your money's worth!


Lance Stine said...

It was so fun that you should have called it my Halloween too.

Cookie said...

Wow, Skye really did get a lot of use out of her Bat Girl costume! I love her Bat Girl face! And, hey, riding the bull is awesome! She's a natural! What a cutie.