Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Just Some Cute and Funny Pictures of Skye

 So talented! She can paint and balance on a ball at the same time!

 Looking cute in the new outfit my mom got for her.

 Wearing the Canada shirt my cousin brought back for her from her mission in Toronto.


Jess said...

LOVE the expression in the first picture. And have you been reading her "the Cat in the Hat"? Painting while balancing on a ball totally has that vibe. :)

Cookie said...

I agree with Jessica. I loved the balancing on one foot while painting. Who but Skye would do that! There really are some adorable pictures there. She can be sooooo photogenic--even when she is pulling a funny face! Love that little girl!

Growing Up Skye said...

That does sound like the Cat in the hat doesn't it? We've been reading her Dr. Seuss since she was two! I think that's one reason she has such a great imagination and why she is always making up her own funny words!