Sunday, October 2, 2011

Silver Lake

We went to Silver Lake today in between sessions of General Conference. It was so beautiful and refreshing to be in the mountains and in the cool air!
 Skye hiked the whole mile all by herself. We came here last year at the same time, and she didn't quite make it all the way before she was whining and crying to be held. This year, she had no problem at all! Of course it helped stopping along the way to do things like collecting leaves...
 and putting on shows on rock stages for me! Yep, towards the beginning of the trail, she saw these rocks and wanted to do a show.
 She danced and sang and it was one of the cutest things I've ever seen in my life! People kept walking by, smiling and laughing! She is definitely an entertainer!

You can't tell very good in the movies, but she was singing, too. She got really into it!
I didn't really want to post this horrible picture of me (meaning I like horrible in the picture), but it shows the beautiful scenery and just how poking out I am at 33 weeks! I am WAY bigger this time around--I never even got this big with Skye and I still have 7 weeks to go. Please, let this little (or big) guy come early!
 Skye scrambled up this rock wall with a bunch of other kids.
 Lance said he remembered her struggling a little bit at one part when they went up it last year, but this time it was all ease! Our little girl is getting big and strong!


Cookie said...

Oh yeah, shake your booty, Skye! She surely is a little entertainer! And not a bit of shyness about her! And you, Tacy, look absolutely beautiful in that "horrible" picture. Pregnant women are always radiant and beautiful!

Lance Stine said...

Thank goodness we had a chance to do that. Next year we need to spend a lot more time in the mountains.