Thursday, April 21, 2011

Winter Zoo Adventures

Back in January, there was one of those days that felt like spring so we headed to the zoo. Unfortunately, the nice weather didn't last. It ended up snowing on us, but it was fun seeing the animals in the snow. They were pretty active. You can't see it that good, but this elephant was throwing mud on its back! Just a good picture!

Skye had fun in the snow.
I was just glad they had free hot chocolate for us!

The tigers were seriously trying to catch snow on their tongues, too!

Riding a tiger!
We probably had the most fun watching the tigers play!

We also had fun watching Zuri, the baby elephant, in the snow!


Cookie said...

I don't think I've ever been witness to the tigers playing around. How cool is that! So there's definitely some good to the cooler weather when at the zoo!

Lance Stine said...

I'm glad that we went on that snowy day. It turned out to be quite a sight.