Thursday, April 21, 2011

Princess Skye and Rocker Daddy

I'm so behind on blogging. And we're going to San Diego in less than two weeks so I have some major catching up to do. I'll try and get as much on here as I can before we go! Last week, Skye went to a princess birthday party. All she had on when I dropped her off was a princess dress. When I picked her up she had this beautiful crown (decorated by Skye herself) and blue, glittery makeup on! You can't see it very good in the pictures, but she look very pretty--very much like a little princess!

Of course, I always think she looks like a little princess!
And then there's rocker Daddy! He wanted me to take pictures of him rocking out on his guitar before church started this last Sunday--in his suit and all! I love it when he plays his guitar!


Cookie said...

Awww....a little princess indeed! The crown is awesome. Of course at our house she's Papa's Princess and Cookie's ANGEL!

LindaDC said...

Hurray for the blog! Cute pictures of Skye and Lance doing his thing!!! I love that Lance is such a cut-up. He must keep Skye entertained all the time!!!!

Growing Up Skye said...

Cut-up? What exactly does that mean? You'll have to enlighten me, Linda!