Sunday, March 6, 2011

Vegas Vacation

Two weeks ago, Lance and I were supposed to be hanging out on the beach and swimming with dolphins in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico... and visiting the ancient Mayan ruins at Tulum.
Instead, we were taking pictures next to giant bunnies...
and horse statues at some Chinese festival at the Bellagio in Las Vegas.
Here's the story: The realty office our realtor works for offers a free vacation to various places in Mexico and the Caribbean as an incentive to use them when buying or selling a house. We bought a house so we got the free vacation and were turned over to a travel agency. We told them where we wanted to go and the dates we wanted to go then heard nothing back from them. As it got closer to when we were supposed to leave, Lance started calling them. For two weeks, he called and left messages, but heard nothing back. He finally talked to our realtor about it who was able to get a hold of this guy who runs the travel agency who said he had been on vacation. He later said that he couldn't make us any reservations because everything was already booked and asked us to choose another time in a month or two to go. I might have done this, but this was actually the second time he had done this to us. By this time, I felt like they were a fraudulent company or at least totally disorganized and dishonest and no longer trusted them. It would have been an amazing and romantic vacation for me and Lance, but we decided not to even bother with them anymore and did our own vacation. We decided to go to Las Vegas to go climbing at Red Rocks--this awesome, fun sandstone climbing crag west of Vegas. We thought we'd have a really fun time climbing and just being somewhere warmer than Utah. We were wrong. It ended up raining on us and there was a freezing cold wind blowing the whole time we were there so we didn't even get to climb at Red Rocks and there were no swimming suits involved at all. But we did manage to enjoy some of our time there.
Like we went and watched the water show at Bellagio. It was really amazing and beautiful.

After dinner, we watched another fun (and warm) sight outside of the Mirage.
It's a volcano with colored water and fire spewing out of it.

While Vegas certainly isn't Playa del Carmen, we did do some fun things and learned some valuable lessons while there that I'll address in my next post! To be continued...!

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Cookie said...

Yeah, it's not Mexico, but at least it was a getaway! The pics are great. Love the volcano video, too. And we had a lot of fun with Skye while you were gone.