Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Vegas Vacation: Final Chapter

This is why we have loved going to Las Vegas in the past: Behold beautiful Red Rocks! This is the funnest place I have ever climbed. Lance has even said it's the funnest place he's climbed and he's been to several other states and even Canada and France to climb!
Unfortunately, we have had some disasters here, too. If the weather isn't nice, you can't climb, and you're miserable. One of the lessons we learned is that while climbing crags around where we live may not be as cool or as beautiful as Red Rocks, it's still climbing. Why go on a vacation to do something you can do close to home. A vacation should be about doing something you normally wouldn't be able to do.
And as great as Red Rocks is, we also decided it's not worth being in Vegas for. As we walked the strip, we were bombarded with dozens of illegal immigrants handing out adds for prostitutes. Even after I made Lance walk on the other side of the sidewalk, they would reach around me to try and hand him one. I finally grabbed one, threw it to the ground, and loudly announced, "He's already with a girl!" A girl in front of us (who was with a guy) turned around and congratulated me, then said, "Unfortunately, they probably don't understand what you said." Everywhere you look, there's pornography and totally depressed people gambling their lives away. I mean, have you ever seen some happy, smiling person in a casino? I sure haven't! So we decided that we probably won't ever go back to Red Rocks or Vegas again.
Luckily, we did still have some fun while we were there. We visited some friends who live there whom we haven't seen for a long time. We at least got to go climbing with them at the local climbing gym and had a good time. Of course, I think the most excited one was their dog, Seyla, who was always Lance's biggest fan. Even though it's been years since she saw him, she totally remembered him! She got sooooo excited!
We also went to the Las Vegas Museum of Natural History. This is what pre-historic buffalo looked like!
The reason we went there was to see the King Tut exhibit they had. There were some actual artifacts from his tomb and ancient Egypt, and they had also re-created what it looked like when they found it. It was really cool and definitely worth the trip!
So was this!
And this!
The other thing that made the trip at least half worth it were the shows we took it. We saw the Tournament of the Kings at Excalibur. Lance had never been to anything like this so it was a lot of fun. We routed for the Dragon Knight! We were the loudest section so it was awesome. I was just trying to re-create my band trip from over ten years ago!
We also saw Mystere by Cirque du Soleil. You aren't allowed to take pictures at the shows, so I got this from the internet. There were some weird parts to it--Lance kept talking about French humor. I guess I don't get it. But it was also quite amazing. If anyone ever gets a chance to see one of their shows, I would recommend it!
So the vacation wasn't a total loss, but I'm definitely heading to the beach for the next one we go on!


jennz said...

Glad you guys had fun there (aside from the strip). I'm with you - Vegas is blah. We flew in to Vegas in July because flights were cheap there, and John's parents live half way between Vegas and SLC.

As we were going down the escalator to meet his parents, a guy turned to us and said, "Look! Nobody smiles when they have to leave this place," as if everyone just LOVES it. So John said, "Oh, I'll be smiling when I get out of here!" The man didn't quite know how to react.

It is a dirty, disgusting, stinky place. I hate to sound judgmental, but it is sincerely how I feel. Doesn't it make you so grateful that you understand that there is so much more to life than gambling, sex, drinking, and smoking? Yuck.

Luckily, many of the good things that come from Vegas can be found elsewhere.

Glad you two were able to get away, and that you had a great time overall. Sorry your trip to Mexico didn't work out!

Growing Up Skye said...

I'm with you, Jenn!

Cookie said...

Jen said it better than I could. So that's another ditto for her comment! At least there were some good parts to it.

Cookie said...

Good parts to your vacation, that is.

gcrawford said...

What gorgeous red rock pictures!!!!!