Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Skye Hits the Jackpot

After we were done at Build-a-Bear (see previous post), we went into an arcade at The Gateway--Chad's idea. While he went off to get some change, I gave Skye a couple quarters from my purse. She played this game where you pull a big lever down, the wheel spings, and you get the number of tickets the arrow lands on. At first I wasn't really paying attention, and thought she got only 5 tickets. Suddenly, as the tickets started pouring out, I noticed the number 1000 on top! You had to get at just the right angle to see, but the wheel had actually landed on this thin spot worth 1000 tickets! It was so cool! I couldn't believe how long it took for all those tickets to come out! Here she is with the prizes from her winnings (and those of Chad and Leisha). What's with the weird pose? Don't ask me!
She ended up with quite the collection. She got a dog, a Care Bear, three packs of play money, some Silly Bandz, and several pieces of chocolate. And then there's Kitties. What a day she had!

Kitties--the final product, complete with a Hello Kitty (or Mimi as Skye has named her) purse and all!


Cookie said...

Gosh, how long did we wait for those tickets to all come out? Wasn't it about 10 minutes? That was the most amazing thing ever! Skye really did hit the jackpot that day!

Lance Stine said...

Skye wins!

Alexis said...

fun! I hit the jackpot at an arcade one time and there was only 2 hundred and something tickets and that took awhile, I'm sure that 1,000 took a long time. I'm sure she was just loving it.