Friday, December 24, 2010

Skye's Recital

Last week, Skye had a recital with her Sunshine Generation Group. Doesn't she look cute?!
While they were supposed to be lining up, this boy kept talking to Skye. It was so cute! Apparently she's already the charmer!!!
I love all her expressions!
She did a lot better this time than she did at the Festival of the Trees. Maybe it was because her teacher separated her and Colton!
She did good saying her part again. Sometime soon, I'll get some video of her performing on here.
A shot of the whole group.
While she did better this time and was separated from Colton, she did lose focus some of the time and managed to find a string or something on the ground to throw on the girl next to her. See that white thing in the girl's hair? Yep, Skye did that. I bet her mother was so thrilled!
The night ended with a surprise visit from Santa and lots of goodies for everyone! We love Sunshine Generation!


Cookie said...

I'm glad your pics turned out. I didn't really get any good pictures from the performance. I can hardly wait for another performance! I wonder what she'll do at the next one! Silly and adorable little girl!

Lance Stine said...

this performance was more fun than the last. We got to see her do more then sabotage the show like last time