Thursday, December 30, 2010

Skye can tie knots

One day, Skye put a leash on a stuffed animal and fastened it to the dresser drawer handle. I looked at it and found that she had tied a knot. Since then, many stuffed animals have been secured to posts, handles, and such by knots. I watched her tie one today. Here is a picture of it.


Growing Up Skye said...

The amazing thing is that she figured it out all by herself. We never showed her how to do a knot at all, then one day she just tied one! I think that's pretty impressive for a three-year-old! Thanks for the post, Lance!

Cookie said...

She's been working at it for quite some time. She has been very observant when we all tie knots for her. She loves putting leashes on the animals she plays with. Keen observer, she is!