Thursday, December 9, 2010

Festival of the Trees

Last Friday, Skye had her first performance with her Sunshine Generation group at the Festival of the Trees. We went a little early so we could see some of the trees first. The first one we saw was this Toy Story tree. Skye loved it, of course! One of the most notable displays were these blue trees bent into the shape of waves with Santa surfing beneath them. I thought they were really cool! They had a news reporter doing a segment at it when we go to it.

Skye also liked the Pooh Bear tree, especially this stuffed animal of him with the bees on his nose!

Skye loves penguins! And doesn't she look cute in her costume?!
When she saw this, she shouted out, "Cherub!" That's my sister's pug dog whom she hasn't even seen since she was a baby, but has heard stories about and seen pictures of.
The dog tree was another favorite.
And then it was time to perform. Skye did really well on her first song of Frosty the Snowman. She sang good and did the actions pretty good.
Her santa hat was a little too big, though! I think you can see she's starting to lose focus here.
But she did awesome saying her part! She had to memorize and say, "Deck the halls and lets be jolly. String the mistletoe and holly." She said it so perfectly and clearly into the microphone. I was so proud of her!
But after that, it was all fun and games. While all the other kids were singing and doing their thing, Skye and her friend, Colton, were finding things on the stage to throw at each other. You can see Skye in the bottom, left corner with her back to the audience.
And there they are, not paying attention at all! It was pretty entertaining for us, though!
After she was done, she had fun in the kid's corner fishing for a prize.

She loves suckers! It was a fun and exhausting night. But so worth it!


Cookie said...

She is so adorable! It was so fun watching her! And the festival was pretty sweet, too!

Lance said...

i like that picture of her with the sucker. She looks so, so, ... I don't know how to describe it.

Lance said...

I know, Bright eyed

Growing Up Skye said...

Good description, Lance!