Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our Easter

Remember the beautiful weather in Phoenix? Skye wore her pretty easter dress the last Sunday we were there. Notice how differently we are dressed now? Despite the cold, we took Skye to the dinosaur park in Ogden for an Easter egg hunt last Saturday. She still doesn't grasp the concept of the Easter Bunny, but she was all smiles every time we saw him!
We tried having fun outside while we waited, but it was just too dang cold and miserable so we actually spent most of our time inside the museum.
This is to show you how the Easter egg hunt went. The eggs weren't hidden, there were just hundreds of them spread all over the ground.
We had to wait until they said go and then it was the CRAZIEST thing you have ever seen!
Just imagine a hundred kids set loose on these eggs. I'm not joking when I say that within 15 seconds, they were all gone!
Luckily, Lance noticed this other area that no one had gotten to yet, but so did everyone else. We ran over and it was the same scene as before. One second, the ground is covered in eggs, the next, they've completely vanished. If it had been a warm day, it would have been worth it. But waiting in the miserable, freezing cold for a minute of egg hunting was probably not worth it.
The eggs the Easter Bunny left on Sunday morning were hidden inside the warm house!
Here's Skye inspecting her Easter basket.
And here she is showing me the cute little bunny she got.
And here she is getting a nummy out of one of her eggs. Let's hope next Easter is a warmer one!

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Cookie said...

Ah yes, spring in Utah! Ain't it great!?