Friday, March 5, 2010

We're Moving

For those who might not already know, we are moving back to Utah. Back when Lance was first looking for a job (before we moved to Phoenix), he applied for and interviewed with this company in Salt Lake. Weeks, maybe a month or more went by and he never heard anything. Then the company here wanted to hire him so we moved down. About a month later, the company in Utah finally got back to him and said they wanted to hire him. Well, it was sort of too late for that, but Lance told them to let him know if they were ever hiring again. About a year later, they randomly contacted him and asked if he was still interested. He said yes so they interviewed him again and once again, he never heard back. So we decided to rent a house because we wanted more space, no neighbors to worry about, etc. A few weeks later, they told him they wanted to hire him. Too late once again. Yet, a few weeks ago for the third time, they contacted him and told him they were hiring. He had several phone interviews and on Monday, they flew him up there for an in-person interview. Wednesday, they emailed him a job offer.

There are definitely a lot of things we will miss about Phoenix. There are so many great things and people here, but we're also excited to be going back to Utah and grateful for this opportunity. The company Lance will be working for contracts with other businesses and groups to do their computer work. One of their main clients is the LDS Church. Lance will most likely be working on their projects to begin with and he's really happy about it. He's been unsatisfied with his current job for quite some time, so he's glad with the change we will be making. We'll be moving up the end of the month and probably looking to live in the Sandy area or thereabouts. Wish us luck!


Mike and Tia Fam said...

NOoooooo! Tacy, I know you've got to be thrilled, but I'm going to throw a little bit of a tantrum! Seriously - - NOOOOOOOO!
Okay I guess I have to let you go. You said at the end of the month? Well I guess we better enjoy this last month.
I think I"m going to go cry now.

Tacy said...

I know, we will miss you guys so much! We'll have to try and plan a meet-up trip in Colorado sometime! I'm glad we have blogs and facebook and such to at least stay in contact with each other!

Paige said...

The photo of your family all in blue is amazing. So vivid. You're all so relaxed and beautiful.

Can you read my book sometime? After you move, I mean.

Tacy said...

Thanks Paige! And of course, I would LOVE to read your book, Paige!

Alexis said...

Good to hear that you are moving back closer to your family. Your Mom sure must be happy. Good luck with everything. I'm sure you're glad to move before the hot summer. I just had a friend move down there to Glendale (I think that is what it is called) I was going to direct her to your blog for fun ideas of things to do and places to go while in AZ. Is that ok?