Sunday, March 7, 2010

Some Garden Pictures

We LOVE the Desert Botanical Gardens! Here are some more pictures of our last visit there. I know there are three different pictures of this same plant, but I just couldn't decide on which one was best.

Most of the really good pictures were taken by Lance, but I took a few.

I love how beautiful the desert is and how much color it produces in the spring.

This is the pokiest cactus we have ever seen!

A star cactus.
Pretty cool, huh?!
These are called cardons and they are the most gigantic cacti you have ever seen. They are so big that other species of cacti can take root in them and grow from them!
Do you see the heart hole?


Millie said...

I always love your desert pictures. I'm glad you were able to fit in one last visit to the Botanical Gardens! That's funny those cactus are called Cardons! My favorite is the picture with the cactus with the sun behind it. Great photography!

Lance said...

Really cool pictures babe, especialy yours. I'm glad you finally posted these. When we live in SLC will we have any comparable subject matter?

Cookie said...

That's a questionable question, Lance! Not a lot of scenery like Phoenix has up here, but you will find other great things to photograph. Must be a lot of mixed emotion, eh? I'm glad I get to come down one last time and see these beautiful things in person!