Sunday, March 14, 2010

Desert Colors

We drove an hour north yesterday to Cave Creek State Park. We found the desert alive with most brilliant, bright, bold, beautiful colors imaginable.

Hey, where did Skye go?!
There she is.
The Ocotillo are about to bloom.


Jess said...

How beautiful! Once again, your pictures are amazing. Where were all of those colors when I drove through Arizona two years ago?

I am so glad I have never lived anywhere with scorpions. Yuck! Do you have to hunt for them often, or is there usually signs they are there?

Lance Stine said...

Well I tell you what Jess, every night I go out on the hunt. I've caught 10 now. Two in the front yard and two in the back yard. I don't think that I've ever not seen any. There are two that live in cracks and I can always see them but can't get to them.It is quite a horror show experience each time I have to take one to the scorpion graveyard.

Cookie said...

Wait, Lance, how does two and two equal 10? I think I'm missing something there?
Anyway.....looks like I'm coming down at a great time to see the magnificent colors! 2 more days! Wahoo!

Tacy said...

I think he meant 2 in the front yard and 8 in the back yard.

Jess said...

What do you do when you catch them? Smoosh them with your foot?