Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Chapter Two: Skye's Birthday

Skye turned 2 on Monday, June 8, but we celebrated her birthday with my family on Sunday evening. She didn't get quite as spoiled as last year, but there was still a fair amount of presents. Oh, and I forgot to mention on my last post how good Skye was on the long drive from Phoenix to Kaysville. She slept for a record amount of time and rarely got upset any other time in the car, keeping herself occupied by playing or watching movies on the portable DVD player. Skye used to cry when she got anywhere near my brother, Nathan, but now that she knows who he is, she had fun playing train with him.
The first presents she got to open were from Na Na and Millie (Nathan and Camille).
They were these adorable finger puppets that my sister-in-law found. I'm pretty sure they were Skye's favorite present.
Opening more presents...
She got some very cute clothes from my parents and a doll that she doesn't care too much about from me and Daddy. I hope she likes dolls someday.
Oh, and here's a picture of Lance bench pressing the new hitch we got to go on our Subaru, the new hitch we got to tow our washer and drier down to Phoenix to go in our new house, the new hitch that didn't tow the washer and drier down to Phoenix to go in our new house that we are no longer buying. But that's another story.
My mom made this cute bunny cake.
Skye liked it!
Or should I say she liked the nummies (M&Ms) that were on it. She never ate a single bite of cake...
only ate the nummies! Happy Birthday, Skye!


jennzech said...

so cute! Looks like a great birthday!

Oh, and I just thought I would mention that I didn't like dolls when I was her age either. I finally grew into it later. I was a nerd even way back then though. I just wanted books.

Jess said...

Happy Birthday, Skye!
That's a great looking cake, Mom Cook!
Skye may not be into dolls, but she is A LOT more into animals and stuffed animals than either of my kids EVER. Elisabeth already plays with a doll every now and then. Funny how different kids are.

Cookie said...

I think Skye had a very happy birthday indeed!

Tacy said...

That's funny, Jenn! Skye definitely loves books too! I guess she's just pretty well rounded already.