Saturday, June 20, 2009

Chapter Three: Our Anniversary

Lance and I celebrated our fourth anniversary on June 9. To celebrate, we stayed at the Black Swan Inn (a themed suites hotel) in Pocatello. This is what it looked like from the outside. It was hard to get a good picture because it was raining, but it was a really beautiful building.
We stayed in the Tropical Paradise suite.
Here are some of the murals that we were surrounded by to make us feel like we were in a tropical paradise!

It was a beautiful room, but of course, Lance couldn't help but try climbing around on things!
We got this cool waterfall above the bathtub.
I am going to have a bathtub like this in my own home someday, not just because it is in this romantic heart shape, but because it was actually big enough for me to stretch out my long legs comfortably in!
We went out to Red Lobster for dinner, and then, as is tradition from the first night we were married, we...DUN DUN DUN...watched the NBA finals. Yep, it's true. A finals game was on the first night of our honeymoon and we had a good time watching it. So it's become our honeymoon/anniversary tradition!


Nate & Millie said...

I'm glad you guys were able to get away! We love staying at the Anniversary Inn because of the huge's so nice to be able to stretch all the way out! The NBA Finals thing is so funny!

Lance said...

This year wasn't as good because it was LA in the finals. But then again, the game we watched was the only one that Orlando won.

Hopefully next year there will be a more interesting team. I get kind of bored with old Kobe after so many years.

Babe, thanks for the great Anniversary. It was a lot of fun and a much needed time for us to spend alone.