Sunday, June 14, 2009

Chapter One

Unlike myself, I haven't posted for awhile. It's because a lot of things have been happening lately that will add up to a lot of posts. We'll start with our trip up to Utah. We began our drive from Phoenix June 5. We spent that night in Page, Arizona, then spent the morning playing around at Lake Powell.
Skye had fun looking for shells.
We also found a lot of lizards.
The freezing cold water didn't stop Lance from plunging in. I got in for a short time, but the coldness of the water left me gasping for air so I got out before any pictures could be taken.
It was so beautiful there. We couldn't believe how blue the water was.
Skye was brave enough to get in up to her legs, but spent most of the time just splashing her feet in it. She had a lot of fun.

The next leg of the journey led us to Elsinore, Utah (near Richfield) to the farm of Justin and Libby Zenger, some friends of Lance's. They had a gourmet meal ready for us. The amazing lamb can be seen in the corner. We felt like we were in some nice, expensive restaurant.
The weather was a bit colder than expected, so Libby pulled out this sweatshirt that's too small for either of their two boys for Skye to wear. It was a bit big, but I thought she looked so cute in it!

After the rain stopped, we had a bonfire in their backyard. It was so hot, Lance had to shovel some coals out of it for us to roast our marshmallows over.
Skye had tons of fun looking at all of the animals on the farm and eventually even warmed up a bit to Arthur and Will (their boys). We thought it was funny that her favorite of all the animals were the chickens. We stayed there that night, then finished the journey up to Kaysville Sunday afternoon. More on that to come later!


Cookie said...

Glad you have finally gotten a little time to post these! I love the pictures at Lake Powell...especially Lance in the freezing cold water! Takes my breath away just thinking of that cold lake! And Skye is always adorable whether in her swimsuit or sweatshirt! I wonder if I would have enjoyed the lamb? Sure looks fancy! The Zengers really know how to make people feel welcomed!

lance said...

I'm glad the the picture of me with my shirt off is so low in quality.

Tacy said...

Ha ha ha, Lance! You look good!