Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day

Valentine's this year was more about Skye than it was about us. But sometimes the joy of seeing the surprise and happiness on your kid's face is the best thing of all. Lance got Skye this huge cupcake. She started off by sticking her finger in the frosting and eating it.

Then she stuck her fork in the frosting and started eating it! We all shared it and it was actually quite delicious!
She also got a package from my mom and dad.
This is Kiwi, the frog!
Another treat was seeing this hot air balloon. Skye spotted it out our front window in the afternoon.

My Valentine's present to Skye was two more ponies to add to her collection. She loves My Little Pony! I don't think she'll be satisfied until she's got all seven of them!


Lance said...

What about our Valentine's day?

Jess said...

I pumped up Valentine's day for my kids too. It's addictive to see how happy they get! What a cupcake!

Millie said...

I always loved My Little Ponies, too! I'm glad that they're still around for Skye to enjoy! It looks like you guys had a fun Valentine's Day!

Mike and Tia Fam said...

Looks like Skye had a great Valentine's! Miss you guys a ton.