Monday, February 15, 2010

Skye Climbs Her First Peak

Here she is on the top of First Peak in South Mountain State Park. She climbed it the entire way. All along the journey she kept saying "are there yet?"

She prepared for the long hike with her game face on. No one could ruin her focus.

All of the rocky parts of the trail were her favorite. It was actually the flat parts that were the hardest for her to swallow.

Of course, there were some things to try to photograph along the way. The green leaved ocotillo is a favorite subject in the springtime.


Tacy said...

It was so much fun seeing Skye hike up this peak. She did so good! (Lance did this post and that's why I'm commenting on it.)

Cookie said...

I was going to ask if Lance did the writing for this post. It sure sounded like him! So good to know that I had it figured out! Looks like it was a totally fun outing! Well done, Skye!