Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rain, Rain, Don't Go Away, Please Stay Another Day

It's finally raining! It actually doesn't feel like I'm living in an oven right now! Yay for rain in Phoenix! We just went for a short walk to get our mail. As if the rain weren't good enough, Skye had to go get herself soaked in some sprinklers that were on. I took her wet jacket off just before we got in the door, but she refused to come inside. She wanted to stay in the rain--quite a novelty here in the desert. So Lance went back out with her despite my protests that she would get cold only wearing her tank top and shorts. Later, she came back even wetter, but wanting me to go out and play with her in it. We stayed out long enough to get a few pictures. Then it was time to come in and get dried off. The desert is a place you can really appreciate things like clouds and rain.

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Cookie said...

Catching rain in her mouth! How cute is that?! Seems like Skye was just as ready for a cool rain as you were, Tacy! So...yay again for the Phoenix rain!