Thursday, August 14, 2008

Skye's Hat Obsession

Skye is obsessed with hats. It is her favorite word to say. She's the best hat spotter you've ever seen. She can spot a hat on a person from a mile away. That's the first thing she notices in any photo or picture in a book and she says, "hat" to let you know she has found it. She also loves putting hats on her head as well as anything that remotely resembles a hat and some things that don't even come close to looking like one as you will see. Enjoy!
The cute hat from Aunt Millie.
Drum hat.
Baseball cap.
The funny hat...
that's too big!
Shorts make a good hat.
Who knew a washcloth could make such a cute hat?
Headbands are actually hats.
Even shoes can be hats.
Sun hat.
Shirt hat.
Cottage cheese bowl hat.
Afterall, cheese is another one of her obsessions!
The stocking hat.
Rubber duck hat.
Kitty ball hat.
Just another hat.


Cookie said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I've never seen such a hat fettish as Skye's! She does love hats! And who else could wear a little wash tub as a hat and still look so adorable?

Jess said...

This is SO cute! I can't get anything to stay on Emmett's head, so its amazing to me that not only does she wear them, she loves them! She's awfully creative too...