Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hi Daddy!

Hi Daddy (Lance)!!!! This post is for you (but hopefully everyone will look at the cute video). Skye and I just wanted to say hi so you can look at your two favorite girls in the whole world anytime you have a computer near!

Lance and I have been using web cams to talk to each other. Skye loves to see him. When we were first testing it out, Lance was at work and couldn't talk, but he left his camera on so Skye could see him. She kept blowing him kisses! It was so cute so my mom got the camera and filmed it. Now, that is the first thing she does every time we talk to him!


jennzech said...

Your little girl is adorable! That video was so cute. It was so great to see you a couple of weeks ago. You're daughter is going to be quite the talker. I can't believe how much she already knows!

Alexis and Josh said...

Tacy, you are look GORGEOUS!! I bet Lance is going crazy being so far from you. That was adorable of Skye blowing kisses.

Lance Stine said...

Hi babe and baby. I'm glad that we could video call all that time. It would have been very lonely without it. Everyone should do it. It is more fun and friendly than a phone call.