Saturday, June 22, 2013

Happy 30th to Me!

Last summer I decided I wanted to do something big for my 30th birthday--I mean you should do something big for your 30th birthday, right? As I thought about it, I decided I wanted a redo of my bridal pictures in a way.  I've always regretted not having a more professional photographer take them and our wedding pictures.  Some of them were good, some of them were okay and some were not good at all.  I also thought about how much I've changed since I got married so I didn't want to just wear my wedding dress (if I were getting married now, I would probably choose a different dress).  So I decided for my 30th birthday I wanted to buy a dress and have some good pictures taken in it.  At first, I started looking at modern formal dresses, but kept finding myself looking at medieval/lord of the rings style dresses because really, that's still who I am and I love those kinds of dresses!  So I found a place that makes dresses like that and narrowed it down to my favorite and the one that seemed the most, well, me, ordered it (custom made to my measurements), and found my photographer.  She is my neighbor/friend/relief society president and she is an amazing photographer!  We went to Memory Grove last week and had a great time!  So here I am as a medieval or elvish princess!  
These are just some of my very favorite shots.  What do you think?  Any favorites?
Isn't Amy a superb photographer?! I love her!

I love my dress!  I think I will end up taking it all over the place for pictures!  They may not be professional and nice like these ones, but it will still be fun!  I hope those of you who know me well have enjoyed them!


Jess said...

We are definitely kindred spirits- I have contemplated many of the same things!
1- I wish I could do some things over for my wedding, but really, I just wish I could throw another one. When else do we normal people get to throw a big party, dress up in formal attire, and have a professional photographer? I LOVE that you just did that for your birthday (well, minus the ceremony, I suppose).
2- That dress is absolutely you and absolutely gorgeous! I would say have your whole family do Renaissance pictures, but I am not sure how Lance would feel about the men's attire. :)

I think ultimately, my favorite picture is the second one.

Jenn said...

so pretty!

Colleen said...

Love it! You look so great!! My favorite would have to be the 6th one up from the bottom photo. though they all look awesome!

Becky S. said...

I love the pictures Tacy! Such a good idea and a great birthday present to yourself!! You are beautiful!

Cookie said...

I, too, have regretted the whole photography thing from your wedding. These pictures are so beautiful. Amy did a wonderful job. Memory Grove was the perfect spot! It's so hard to choose a favorite! I love them all! How will I be able to choose the one I want??? Hmmm...might need a few of them! You are beautiful!

Lance Stine said...

The best babe in the world