Sunday, May 26, 2013

Recent Adventures: Antelope Island

One of my favorite places to be is Antelope Island.  Maybe it's because it's sort of the epitome of the high desert we live in.  Maybe it's because it feels like home.  Probably it's both, along with many other things.  One thing is for sure--our kids LOVE being outside no matter where we are!
 And so do we!

 For some reason, Jack was obsessed with putting rocks in the buffalo's nose.  He desperately wanted them to stay there, but they always fell out.  He was not very happy about it or about being taken away from what he was doing!
 I LOVE these next two pictures of my kids!

What's Antelope Island if you don't see some buffalo while you're there? 


Lance Stine said...

That was a nice visit. We were really lucky to get the perfect temps. Maybe there is a spring after all this year.

Lance Stine said...

I really like the bird picture. Those blue feathers are nice.

Cookie said...

I, too, love those two pictures of Skye and Jack. I want to combine them to use as the background on my desktop! I would have enjoyed seeing a picture of you, too, beautiful girl!