Saturday, February 2, 2013

So Much for the Middle Class

Is there really anyone out there who still actually thinks Obama is the president of the middle class?  Lance just got a raise, yet we are actually making LESS money now!  How does that work?  Oh, more taxes from our wonderful president who really wants to help people like us (the middle class) out! Nope, soon the middle class will be gone and we will all be poor with the exception of the president and his cronies.


Jess said...

Definitely not us. Cole is working a boatload more hours to help pay off our debts and our paychecks are now exactly the same, THANKS to his additional hours. Argh.

Cookie said...

The payroll tax--it's been big news on Glenn Beck, Rush, and Sean Hannity quite a bit lately. And your dad and I found out we aren't even in the middle class. We are lower class. That was really great news, eh? I'm still in shock that obama actually got re-elected. Too many sheeple out there.