Monday, April 2, 2012

Moab Day Two

We started our morning fairly early with a good breakfast at the hotel, then headed off for our first hike of the day--Delicate Arch. I have several pictures of it here, but it is so impressive (especially with the snow-capped La Sal Mountains as a backdrop), how can you not?
It was the perfect morning for this hike! We got out before there were too many other people, it was a cool morning, and just felt so refreshing!

There were a couple of these little guys scampering around.
This is the bowl beneath Delicate Arch. This is where Lance and I ended up on a night hike we did when we got off the trail. We saw its shadow then, too, only it was a moon shadow! So cool!

Another view of Delicate Arch.
After our three mile Delicate Arch hike, we hiked the one mile Windows trail. This is looking at Turret Arch, another arch on the hike.

I think this is the south window. I felt so small looking up at it!
Balanced Rock in the distance.
This is the last short hike we went on to see Double Arch. It was really cool!
This was such a wonderful, little getaway. It was very good for my soul. Thanks to my friend for going! She is so amazing! I just have to say how cool she is. I'm glad she's stuck by me despite the fact that we are different in some ways. Some people seem to think you can only be friends with others who are just like you, but I think that's ridiculous! It would certainly be very boring! Having friends who are different than you make things like a girls weekend away so much more fun and interesting!


Jess said...

A little getaway sounds wonderful! It looks like you had fun and saw some awesome things. And thanks for the compliments about my bangs. I take that as a big compliment coming from you- your hair always looks so nice!

Cookie said...

I totally agree with your comment about friends--we need a variety of personalities to make life interesting and fun.

Lance Stine said...

I wish I was a squirrel living on the red rocks.