Monday, September 12, 2011

First Day of Preschool

Skye started preschool last week. It's something we've talked about and looked forward to for quite some time now, but she ended up being a little nervous her first day. She was saying things like, "I don't like going places without Mommy." Even though I've been really excited about having some time to myself with her at preschool, I ended up feeling nervous and a little sad myself. However, when I picked her up that day, she was sooooo happy! She talked non-stop for the longest time about all the things she did and how much fun she had. She has even been disappointed on the days she doesn't have school! So we both feel better now! I'm glad she is such an adaptable and happy kid! Here she is just before leaving on her first day.

And she wanted to show off her new princess backpack!


Cookie said...

Adaptable and happy are certainly very descriptive words for Skye! Her outgoing little nature never ceases to amaze me! I think we'll keep her! Love that little girl!

Cole said...

Okay, that picture on your porch is too cute for words. I'm glad she enjoys preschool so much. It sounds like you picked a good school. :)

LindaDC said...

Skye is such an amazing little girl!! She is bound to have a happy life!