Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Palm Trees Are Exotic, But Aspens Are Magical

And I prefer the magical. Last winter here in Phoenix was wonderful, but I've determined I don't really belong here. I need to live somewhere closer to the mountains. We went camping up in Flagstaff last weekend and had a fabulous time. I needed the time to get away and relax and enjoy and be in the nice, fresh mountain air away from the heat! We got this great campsite beneath these huge pine trees. Skye loves playing and hanging out in the tent.
She also had fun eating and playing with marshmallows. She wanted to copy us roasting them.
So we let her use the big stick we were using.

But she had more fun playing with it in the dirt.
And getting dirty herself! She finally tried to take a bite of the dirty marshmallow. Of course we quickly stopped her because...YUCK!
It was a beautiful, cool morning with the aspens rustling in the wind.
Skye also had fun playing with this bone we found. It was probably too small to be an elk bone, but we saw some while driving to our campsite and then that evening we heard some!
Flagstaff bouldering is soooo much fun and on this beautiful limestone!
It's too bad we don't get to climb much anymore.
Of course Skye got in a little climbing, too!
But also found other ways to have fun! Don't even ask...It was hard coming home.


Nate & Millie said...

Nate and I drove through Flagstaff when we went to the Grand Canyon a couple of years ago. It looks like a beautiful place to camp, and I love when you can hear elk when you're up in the mountains! I'm glad you guys had the chance to go camping and do a little climbing! She is adorable...I love her dirty face and dirty marshmallow! How Fun!

Jeramiah Young said...

Why not live in Showlow/Pinetop in AZ? You would love it up there. It's literally an escape from city life, but only three hours away from phoenix so you're not too cut off. They have everything you'd want up there in terms of shopping but still not the big city life.

Cookie said...

Looks beautiful up there at Flagstaff. I'd like to do a little bit of camping myself! Glad you guys got away for a while. Skye does look darling even when she's dirty! Isn't it interesting what can entertain a little child? And every child needs to experience the dirt world of mother earth!

Jess said...

Oh, great. You've made me miss my mountains. :) Cole's going to have to take me home now. I want to go camping too. My kids need to enjoy playing in dirt- we have too much mud here. I'm glad you have somewhere cooler to visit. Heat is NOT fun!